Lily Rabe in Redemption Trail (2013). Imagine waking up next to her.

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so by request here is my attempt on some harry potter themed gradients. these should work with most scenes and come with a base psd. please do not take credit for either and if using in somehting rebloggable please give us credit! ~ download

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+40 new gifs in the Michael Clifford gif hunt.


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Ever felt stuck when it comes to creating IC drama in a roleplay? Ever felt like the dash was starting to get too boring with the constant same ole everyday, and a little spicing up could do some good? This how-to is to help you figure out just what to do when it comes to that.

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 ↳ A character psd was requested along with a theme makeover. This is my final result. The gradient used was Bang Bang from this gradient pack. The font is called Wendy and can be downloaded here. A like and/or a reblog would be pretty much appreciated. Thank you!


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Character PSD - out of space

You need basic gif knowledge and photoshop knowledge in order to make this. Also the font is called “Sitka”. Please like or reblog if you are using and do not claim as your own. Feel free to put any interpretation on this that you desire as it is interesting to see how people use an idea to make a new one! Also if you have any questions or concerns about this psd please feel free to message me any time!


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fakingrp screamed -

Hello Lovely! We're a celebrity rp set in Sydney, Australia in which a management company creates fake couples in order to keep the attention of the pubic eye. There's plenty of drama as the eyes of the world watch what makes or breaks these couples and if they can really keep up the act or not! Come check us out and we'd really appreciate a shout-out! Thanks so much in advance!

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Under the cut you’ll find #186 gif icons of Jade Thirlwall. None of these gifs are mine I’ve just siply cropped/resized them. If you have used or saved any of these please like this or reblog it. Thank you and have fun roleplaying!


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wtf 1.6k that’s crazy thank you v much here’s a shit graphic

As hard as it might be to believe, that wasn’t sarcasm and like thank you for real. It’s pretty crazy tbh like I don’t understand how people can put up with me most of the time so yay thanks. I didn’t know what else to do so naturally I figured I should make a follow forever since I haven’t done one in a while. Sorry if I missed people man idk just message me and we’ll be best friends and yay.

All the baes tbh; basically the rad people that put up with me on a daily basis so thanks and ur all also like my fav people in the community so woop

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Go away ur all amazing omg; these are basically ppl i see on my dash and it’s like yess ur all fab k and omg there are a lot sorry not sorry

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ok so again sorry if i missed anyone or if i made a type this may have been done last minute shhh anyways thanks for real like it’s pretty damn great. literally like friends are fun so if you wanna be friends let me know even though i’m sarcastic as fuck 90% of the time okay i’m done now byee

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Elsa and Anna's Frozen Give-Away

So we were thinking that because we are a Frozen RPH, that we would want to give out some Frozen gifts. Now, Elsa went out and bought these little present’s especially for you guys. Now, Elsa will be paying for postage and handling and she will send it to anywhere in the world. But there are a few rules:

  1. Likes and Reblogs count.
  2. You must be following us, AND a RPH/talk/rps blog.
  3. This giveaway will become active when it hits 20 notes.
  4. The winner must be willing to give me their address. I will not use it for anything else but sending them their prize.
 Now, the presents involved in the giveaway are as follows:
  • Frozen Pencil Case
  • Frozen Necklace
  • Frozen Stickers
  • Elsa Hair Pins
  • Anna Hair Pins

Happy liking and reblogging, the gifts can be seen in the image below.

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